Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste

   refer to the entry on 'creative transformation'.

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  • Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste — ▪ French biologist Introduction in full  Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, chevalier de Lamarck  born Aug. 1, 1744, Bazentin le Petit, Picardy, France died Dec. 18, 1829, Paris  pioneer French biologist who is best known for his idea that… …   Universalium

  • Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste — (1744 1829)    refer to the entry on creative transformation …   The Deleuze dictionary

  • Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste de Monet, chevalier de — (1744 1829)    naturalist    Jean Baptiste Lamarck, who formulated one of the earliest theories of evolution, was born in Bazentin, picardy. In 1768, he began his studies in botany, publishing his first work on that subject, La flore française,… …   France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present

  • Lamarck , Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, Chevalier de — (1744–1829) French biologist Lamarck was born at Bazantin in France. Although his parents had intended him to enter the Church, when his father died in 1759 Lamarck left his Jesuit school and joined the army, where he was honored for his bravery… …   Scientists

  • Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste de Monet, knight de — born Aug. 1, 1744, Bazentin le Petit, Picardy, France died Dec. 18, 1829, Paris French biologist. He is credited with the first use of the word biology (1802). He was one of the originators of the modern concept of the museum collection, an array …   Universalium

  • Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Antoine Pierre de Monet de — ► (1744 1829) Naturalista francés. En 1793 se le encargó la cátedra de animales inferiores (insectos y gusanos) donde trató por primera vez de la evolución de los animales y de las plantas, formulando las tesis esenciales de su doctrina… …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste de Monet, caballero de — (1 ago. 1744, Bazentin le Petit, Picardía, Francia–18 dic. 1829, París). Biólogo francés. Se le atribuye el mérito de ser el primero en emplear la palabra biología (1802). Fue uno de los creadores del concepto moderno de la colección de museo,… …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Ламарк, Жан-Батист де Монэ де / Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste de Monet de — (1744 1829). Ламарк создал теорию эволюции. Одно из его теоретических положений касалось наследования приобретенных характеристик, которое Ламарк считал необходимым для объяснения накопленных изменений …   Психологическая энциклопедия

  • Jean-Baptiste Lamarck — Portrait of Jean Baptiste Lamarck Born August 1, 1744 …   Wikipedia

  • Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck — Portrait de Jean Baptiste Lamarck, dans la Galerie des naturalistes de Jules Pizzetta, 1893 Naissance 1er aout 1744 à Bazentin ( …   Wikipédia en Français

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